Raleigh based graphic designer, teacher, experimental musician, and community organizer.

I am currently working across multiple fields in the south to expand my knowledge of supportive and enriching practices for my community. This portfolio site walks through some selected projects I have worked on in fields of design and music.

I credit most of my visual design skills to repeated, intensive practice of the craft. I have enjoyed creating digital, print and motion graphics for almost a decade now. After stumbling into a printing graphics class my first day of high school, I developed a deep love for design and continue to enjoy all the nuances it has to offer at every corner. In 2014 I began my undergraduate studies at NC State University's College of Design where I made a crucial shift in focus from visual design to design thinking.

My final semester of undergrad I started working for NC State University's libraries; you can read more about that journey here. Through my position, I conduct one-on-one technology consultations for individuals trying to learn a specific skill in digital media. I've led numerous consultations on specific software such as Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, and Ableton, and concepts such as storyboarding and design thinking. Through my work with Girls Rock NC, I've had the opportunity to facilitate workshops in electronic music for youth of marginalized genders. I believe in putting the power in the hands of the individual to design and create for themselves. I actively try to incorporate opportunities for participatory design in my work.

Teaching and Participatory Design

Design thinking was the crux of a lot of what we did at College of Design, but for a long time it just felt like a flashy word. I can recall a point, however, when I noticed my brain working in a special way, considering outcomes and developing solutions that weren't as obvious. It was exciting to see how design can travel outside of a visual realm into abstract thoughts and ideas.  Design thinking is now interwoven in my life and I practice it by thinking critically with every decision I make.


Audio Production + DJ

I first learned to DJ on NCSU's college radio station, WKNC 88.1 FM. Occasionally playing shows in the area, I eventually taught myself Ableton and started to experiment with music production under the project Sand Pact. I still produce under this project and solo under the name Gudiya.  Music was something I never really saw in my future when growing up because I did not sing and found it very difficult to learn instruments. Producing music electronically was very accessible to me once I learned that the world of Digital Audio Workstations is not as intimidating as it appears to be. I really enjoy sharing how I make music with others in the hopes that they'll find the process less intimidating as well. 

Graphic Design