Dia is a two day conference deconstruction and reconstructing the notion of "borders." The need for the conference came about as anti-immigration rhetoric became widespread again in white and western countries. Our missions is to give members of the community an opportunity to share their experiences and learn from the experiences of others as people living in the United States and an ever increasingly globalized world. We believe this can be accomplished through hands on interactions and exchange of ideas. Our conference is designed around the notion that change can only come around once everyone understand's each others point of view.



Dia takes place at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NYC. The space is designed to promote participatory design from attendees. A main feature of the conference is a physical, deconstructed map painted on a large wall. People are encouraged to write, draw, and paste pictures on the walls in different geographical locations they have a connection to. Using red thread, they can connect different locations to one another based on ancestry, travels, or any connection that feels relevant to them.


In my ideation process, I looked at existing conferences and events that focused on topics of globalization and immigration. I thought about how the brand would translate accross cultures. The pronunciation of "dia" was purposefully left ambiguous, to emphasize different dialects held by conference attendees.