My junior year of undergrad at NCSU, I was commissioned by our design journal to design the 38th volume of the publication. The Student Publication is one of the oldest student-led design journals in the country.  For this three month commission, I met with other students in the publication to understand their vision for the year's theme, Flux: Design in Transition. I also worked with a local offset printing agency, Theo Davis Printing, to have the publication printed and bound. Independently, I designed 100 pages + cover using the provided literary content and my original imagery.  Flux was designed in Adobe InDesign with imagery primarily developed through photographing and scanning various materials.


"[F]lux, or constant state of change, provides a means of adding diversity and new perspectives to design process and practice. While transitions may inspire conflict, their implications encourage new discourse. Designers must ultimately exist in a state of fluidity, and openly acknowledge changes in process, collaboration, and ways of thinking to move forward and create alternative, and preferable, futures."

- Ashley Pelfrey and Rachel Smith, co-editors

The Student Publication invited designers, non-designers, professionals, and students to provide their unique insight on how "flux" plays a role in design. A total of 14 pieces were featured in the journal including work from Terry Irwin and Debbie Millman. 

During my initial meetings with TSP's design team, I was provided with moodboards and imagery they had been working on for other promotional material. We discussed not only their design vision, but also what flux meant to them.

Images by Jack Ratteree, Executive Director of The Student Publication (2017)

To develop imagery used throughout the publication, I experimented with printing the titles of each piece and photographing them under buckets of water to suggest the idea of constant change

I combined these images with various materials I scanned, edited, printed, and rescanned into Photoshop. In the past, The Student Publication's budget only allotted for one color spot printing, making every book have one color theme. This year we were able to do full color printing, but decided to stick to primarily a one color theme throughout to stay consistent with previous editions.

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