Hopscotch Music Festival is an annual 3-day event that takes place across various venues and spaces in Downtown Raleigh. I have enjoyed working closely with the festival director for the past three years, designing various assets for them including lineup posters, festival schedules, and social media graphics. In 2017 I became their sole in-house designer and organized much of their assets, developing logos and a style guide.  This past year, I rebranded the festival for their 10th anniversary. The redesign has included the launch of a new website which I was able to work directly with our developers to help produce. It has also included new logos and a style guide with accompanying imagery.

The first step in the rebranding process was a complete redesign of our website. I designed mockups of how the new brand would play out on the site and communicated these ideas directly to our developers. After the launch of our website, I learned the backend of the hosting site to make edits and add regular content.