State of Sound is our community of audio-makers at NC State. I have worked closely on the project with digital media librarian, Jason Evans Groth, to bring the vision to life. NCSU affiliates can submit their audio work to SOS to be added to our archive of sounds. We hope to not only highlight the great talent at the university, but also to help patrons to connect and collaborate with one another and the wider community. We host State of Sound: Stories, where we invite people from the community to come in and talk about their relationship to audio. I also have State of Sound: Sessions every week which are informal, skill-sharing workshops, designed to help keep patrons motivated on their sound projects and learn new audio production skills. In addition to planning the structure and execution of this project, I also design all of our graphics and developed our brand.


NC State University's libraries are well documented for providing abundant resources, spaces, and workshops to members of the NCSU community and the general public. I work at both D.H. Hill Library and Hunt Library's digital media spaces which include Media Production Studios, Music Rooms/Booths, and Digital Media Labs. I assist patrons directly in these spaces at different skill levels with specialized technology needs and lead workshops on subjects like audio production, video production, beatmaking, and photography.

I worked with one of NC State Libraries web developers to publish our page. We designed the pages in a way that we could update the content regularly using Google Spreadsheets.